About Us

NakedSalary is a website that delivers estimated figures of the world's most popular individuals. We take into account each individual’s publicly known net worth figure as well as their salary, including real estate and personal lifestyle expenses/income that circulates in media outlets.

NakedSalary is dedicated to inspiring people, sending messages of dream and prosperity to anyone seeking wealth and financial independence. As we created NakedSalary, we have seen many stories about successful entrepreneurs, rich heir/heiresses, ‘rags to riches’, and movie stars among others, but they all have one thing in common- they had their own stories about how they got rich, and we wanted to share this with the world.

We are continuously updating our website to include all those who are most seeked out. We are seeing the movement of wealth increasingly upward-trending from the East, and will do our best to include the (new) millionaires and billionaires shortly. If there’s anyone that we must review, please contact us via email (nakedsalary@gmail.com).


Team NS