LeAnn Rimes' House: Maybe a Hidden Hills Mansion Will Give Her Some Privacy

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02/27/2013 5:17 PM

LeAnn Rimes has not had a good time, as far as public opinion goes, in a really long time.  We're talking like almost twenty years now.  After her 1996 album, "Blue", cleaned house at the Grammy Awards when she was just 14, her personal life kind of took a slow, long, nose-dive.  While her album sales have continued to be solid, and she's sold more than 37 million records worldwide, she has also been dragged through the mud almost as continuously.  It began with a messy lawsuit filed against her father and her former manager in 2000 that stated that the two men had stolen over $7 million from her while she was still minor.  Her mother hired two accountant/investigators, and it turned out that the two men had actually been stealing from her.  That same year, she sued her record label for control of the tracks she'd recorded, her music videos, photos, etc., while still a minor.  It took two years for everything to be resolved, and she was in and out of the headlines for months.  Things settled down for a while, and she got married, continued making music, and began acting.  Then she had an affair while making a television movie, that resulted in the very public, very messy dissolution of both her marriage, and her partner's marriage, and it's been pretty much a train wreck since then.  She has attempted to re-establish her image multiple times, but with each strange interview, and messy musical performance, she continues to dig herself a deeper hole.  She and her now husband, Eddie Cibrian, make headlines even when they do something as innocuous as decide to change shoes.  Consequently, the fact that they just bought a new house, is a big deal.

LeAnn RimesLeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes' house is 8,642 square feet and sits on two acres of land.  The property is made up of six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.  In addition to the sleeping spaces, LeAnn Rimes' house also contains a den, an office, a dining room, and large entryway.  The interior also features hardwood floors, high ceilings, and arched windows.  Outside of LeAnn Rimes' house, there is a swimming pool, a covered patio, a barbecue area, and a guest house.  She and her husband purchased the home for the bargain price of $3 million.  Here's hoping they love living there, because, odds are, they'll have trouble selling it if they decide to move.