Anthony Kiedis Lists $10 Million Hawaiian Estate

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07/25/2021 2:29 AM

Back in April 2005, Anthony Kiedis paid $2.6 million for an undeveloped plot of land on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer wanted to build a home on the lot. And he did eventually complete construction on a 3,000 square-foot palatial estate, but it wasn't an easy process.

Anthony Kiedis

Unfortunately for Mr. Kiedis, a good chunk of time between purchase in 2005 and completion in 2008 was not actually spent constructing. dug up the dirt on the heated local opposition Anthony faced protesting his planned development. Anthony and his neighbor, who also owned an undeveloped plot of land and had, faced off against dozens of locals who were upset that their planned homes would be constructed on ancient burial grounds. dug up the dirt

Archeologists did indeed find around 30 graves in the immediate area of Kiedis' property. Kiedis and the neighbor had hoped the the remains would be moved, but locals vehemently resisted. Some camped out for weeks on the land until police finally forced them to move for violating trespassing laws.

At a public hearing, community members complained:

"Who would want to build their house on a known graveyard?"

"This is beyond Hawaiian. This is the ultimate desecration. Human beings bury their remains. It's what distinguishes us."

In the end, Kiedis and the neighbor finally received permission to build.

And from what I see in this video tour, their patience paid off:

Anthony has just listed the above home for $9,975 million.

Not sure why he's looking to sell. Maybe he's just trying trim his annual property tax bill. After all, Anthony owns around $40 million worth of real estate without even including this property. He owns homes in Las Vegas, his home state of Michigan and several properties in Los Angeles.

His Malibu home, which is just few doors down from band mate Flea and is two parcels over more than two acres, is worth at least $20 million. His Hollywood Hills home is likely worth close to $10 million.

And as far as I know, none of those homes were built on ancient burial grounds!