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    $ 5 Million
  • Date of Birth

    August 29, 1969(53)
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$ 5 Million

Lucero Net Worth: Lucero is a Mexican singer, songwriter, actress and television host who has a net worth of $5 million. Lucero was born in Mexico City, Mexico in August 1969. In Mexico Lucero is a multi-platinum singer who sings in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. She has sold over 22 million records worldwide and has been nicknamed "La Novia De America" (The Bride of America).

At 13 years old she starred in the children's show Alegrias de Mediodia. She has released 17 studio albums under the name Lucero and six more under the name Lucerito. She has had multiple songs top the Latin charts and has hosted the Latin Grammy Awards eight different times. She starred in the films Caquetá, Delinquent, Fibered de Amor, Escapade Coming, Queasier Seer Hombre, Delicious Sinverguenza, and Zapata: El Sueno De Un Heroe. She has also starred in the telenovelas Chispita, Cuando llega el amor, Los Parientes Pobres, Lazos de Amor, Mi Destino Eres Tu, Alborada, Manana Es Para Siempre, Soy Tu Duena, and Por Ella Soy Eva. Lucero has won more TVyNovelas Awards than any other actress. She has hosted the Teleton Mexico for fourteen years and the Teleton USA raising donations for children with disabilities.