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    $ 12 Million
  • Date of Birth

    July 17, 1975(47)
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$ 12 Million

Darude Net Worth: Darude is a Finnish techno DJ and producer who has a net worth of $12 million dollars. Born Ville Virtanen in 1975 in Eura, Hinnerjoki, Finland, Darude pursued his love of creating music at Turku Polytechnic. He studied music production and earned his nickname at a house party after playing the track "Rude Boy" many times in a row.

Darude put his music online until he reached a deal with a record label and released his debut single, "Sandstorm". It was wildly successful in his native country, breaking into the top five in both Finland and the United Kingdom. It sat atop the dance charts in Finland for more than four months. The song has since sold more than two million copies. Darude's debut album, "Before the Storm", had similar success, climbing the Finnish charts and selling more than 800,000 copies. Darude won three Finnish Grammys for the album. His follow-up single, "Feel the Beat", was just as successful as "Sandstorm", claiming the number one spot in Finland for a couple of weeks and breaking into the top five in the United Kingdom. His next few singles weren't as popular, though Darude started touring the globe in 2001. His second album, "Rush", had moderate success, while his third album, "Label This!", failed to chart. In 2011, Darude opened his own record label.