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Brad Kelley

Brad Kelley

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    $ 2.1 Billion
  • Date of Birth

    January 19, 2056(-32)
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$ 2.1 Billion

Brad Kelley net worth: Brad Kelley is an American businessman who has a net worth of $2.1 billion dollars which makes him one of the richest people in Nashville. Born in Franklin, Kentucky, Brad Kelley excelled academically all through high school, and purchased his first tract of land just after graduating.

He enrolled at Western Kentucky University, but dropped out four times over the course of the next few years as his business interests took off, and never graduated. He began buying up old warehouses that were no longer being used to store tobacco in the early 80s, renovating them, and leasing them out. He stumbled across some old cigarette-making machines, and launched his own discount cigarette business, Commonwealth Brands, in 1991. Ten years later, he sold the business for $1 billion. He is not a smoker himself. He owns 71% of Kentucky Downs and a portion of Churchill Downs. He also owns multiple developments and large portions of land all over the United States, and is currently the fourth largest private landowner in the country.