17-Year-Old Kylie Jenner Just Bought A $2.7 Million House

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02/25/2015 7:55 PM

Oh those Jenners! It seems like the family has been in the headlines for years now. From what they are wearing, to who they are hanging with, to what gender they choose to be, the Jenners have become the Tinseltown media machine's go-to subject. Slow week for celebrity scandals? Write about the Jenners. That major blockbuster turned out to be a flop? Write about the Jenners. That celebrity break up wasn't actually a break up? Write about the Jenners. The most recent Jenner news surrounds one of the younger members of the Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner. Home schooled since her celebrity family started to make it hard to do…well, just about anything, without a swarm of paparazzi, Kylie Jenner is set to graduate from high school this year. Over the course of the last few years, she's appeared on her family's various reality shows, and modeled for Seventeen, Sears, and her cousin Natasha's clothing line, has appeared in photo shoots for Nick Saglimbeni, hosted red carpet events for "Glee" and "Twilight," among other films, and published a science fiction novel with her older sister, Kendall Jenner. She and her sister also launched their own clothing line, and most recently, they co-hosted the 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards. The 17-year-old reality star, model, entertainment correspondent, and published author recently decided to leave the nest and move into her own pad. However if you're a Jenner, not just any pad will do. In the case of Kylie Jenner, "not just any pad" means a $2.7 million house in an exclusive gated community called The Oaks, in Calabasas, California.

Kylie JennerKendall Jenner

Kylie Jenner's house is 4,900 square feet in size and is located a short walk from the California homes of her half sisters, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian. (Which may be part of the reason her parents are okay with her moving into a place of her own when barely legal.) Kylie Jenner's house is made up of five bedrooms and five bathrooms. It also features a very large kitchen complete with a marble island in the middle of the room, a pool, an outdoor grill, and a state-of-the-art home theater. The home is surrounded by landscaped grounds, and her neighbors are all paparazzi bait, so odds are security is solid. The money that pays for Kylie Jenner's house comes largely from her own bank account. Between her clothing line–which also includes two lines of hair care products–as well as sales from her book and money from appearing on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and the other Kardashian/Jenner shows, Kylie's income is quite a bit more than that of your average 17-year-old. She was reportedly given a little bit of help by her famous mom, Kris Jenner, but the funds actually came almost entirely from her own resources. The jury is still out on whether that's awesome…or mildly horrifying.

Will having a pad of her own calm down the notorious party girl? It hasn't worked for teen stars of the past, so this experiment in solo living may be short-lived. However Kendall Jenner, who is only a year older, has done moderately well in her $1.4 million condo, so maybe the younger Jenner girls will be the siblings that buck the trend. We'll just have to wait and see…